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Wonder Writer action figure

Wonder Writer moniker goes 3D

My husband, Bill, has a reputation for giving me over-the-top presents on holidays, like a full-length floor mirror he secretly built in our basement and a 6-foot-tall, bright pink flamingo that was equal parts artistry and eye-sore. What do you suppose I received as a birthday present this year? Let me tell you!

Wonder Writer nickname

But first, here’s some background. When I launched Writer to the Rescue, Bill hit upon a nickname that stuck: “Wonder Writer.” Before assuming the persona of Wonder Writer I was a mild-mannered reporter and newspaper editor.

When my birthday rolled around last month, Bill took the Wonder Writer moniker and ran with it. Imagine my surprise when I unwrapped a Wonder Writer action figure. I couldn’t stop laughing. Wow, somehow he topped the flamingo gift!

My little clone is wearing the green cape, boots, and belt of my high-flying logo, and the similarity doesn’t end there. Thanks to the wonders of 3D printing, the Barbie-like reproduction even has my curly brown hair, my gray eyes, my nose, and my lips. She’s a mini-me! She was modeled after photographs of me, minus the smile. Apparently, 3D printers aren’t good with teeth.Wonder Writer action figure

Triumphant and confident

For a prim and proper introvert like me, all of this was a bit overwhelming. But it’s fun, too! When I triumphantly pulled Wonder Writer out of my bag at a networking event, the response was overwhelming. People laughed and clapped and wanted to see her up close.

Nothing gives you more confidence than having an action figure made in your image. Nothing, except a husband who truly believes in his wife’s superpowers and inspires her alter ego to emerge and take her business to the next level.

So if you’re looking for a hero to write your website content, blog articles, news stories, or marketing materials, the Wonder Writer has the superpowers you seek. She’s just a phone call away.

Joan Koehne on birthday

5 Generations Blend on my Birthday

It just so happened that last year, my birthday fell on a day when I had class at NWTC.Joan Koehne on birthday I guess it was because I was thinking about my age that I pondered what my Consumer Behavior textbook refers to as “generation microcultures.”


I started out my birthday with an 8:30 a.m. class. I was surrounded, for the most part, by the youthfulness of Millennials (roughly ages 22-36) and Generation Z (younger than 22).

These generations have totally embraced technology and love being “always connected.” Yep, when I walk around NWTC, I see them checking their screens. It’s their way to build community.

Millennials also are characterized as impulsive, and I shake my head sometimes when I hear their stories. But they’re optimistic, too, and that makes me optimistic about the future, because they’ll be the ones running the world in a few short years. They’re sure to outlive me, a Generation Xer (ages 37-52).

Generation Z

When I walk through the halls of NWTC and see so many students younger than me, I’m excited for them. Generation Z is considered the most educated, diverse and mobile group ever. The students I encounter at NWTC are taking advantage of the opportunity to get a higher education, and I think that’s great.

Baby Boomers & the Silent Generation

I ended my birthday with my mother-in-law from the Baby Boomer generation (ages 53-71) and father-in-law from the Silent Generation (ages 72-89). A high school diploma was often good enough for a middle-class lifestyle for these generations, but times have changed.

In 2017, six of their nine grandchildren were college students. Two of their adult children completed NWTC business courses in 2016, at the request of their employer. It’s an example of the importance of a higher education at any age.

My Birthday as a member of Generation X

As for me, returning to school at age 50 has brought youthfulness into my life that I didn’t expect. It’s energizing for me to share ideas in class, put my best effort into my marketing projects, and experience today’s college learning environment. Education is great at any age.