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Other Services

Editing Service

For clients worried their writing isn’t up to snuff, Writer to the Rescue offers editing and proofreading services.

Writer to the Rescue is skilled in aggressively editing others’ content. Present the best image possible with carefully worded promotional materials, letters from company leaders and news releases. Get your point across in a clear and concise manner, leaving your audience satisfied they fully understand your meaning.

The correct use of grammar, transitions and sentence structure can turn ho-hum content into an exceptional read. The end result is a polished and professionally written document you are proud to claim as your own.


New Releases

News releases prepared by Writer to the Rescue are solidly written and formatted to industry standards.

After reading, editing and publishing thousands of news releases over the course of nearly 10 years in journalism, Writer to the Rescue has developed a keen understanding of what makes an effective news release. Creating news releases that get and keep the publishers’ and readers’ attention is Writer to the Rescue’s specialty.

Writer to the Rescue is skilled in preparing news releases pertaining to upcoming events, awards, new hires, business openings and acquisitions and employee promotions, anniversaries and retirements. Let the professional writer at Writer to the Rescue share your story with the public, thereby increasing exposure for your brand.