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Why do it yourself? Team up with a professional writer experienced in ghostwriting, direct mail marketing, radio ads, whiteboard scripts, professional bios, and more. Stop telling yourself, “I’ll get to this tomorrow.” Instead, delegate your content marketing projects to someone who will get it done quickly and to your complete satisfaction.


Turn ho-hum content into an exceptional read with the right wording, grammar, transitions and structure. The end result is a polished and professionally written document you are proud to claim as your own. Writer to the Rescue offers professional ghostwriting and editing services.

Writer to the Rescue is skilled in ghostwriting content that matches your organization’s brand image, tone, and personality. The Wonder Writer ghostwrites promotional materials, letters from company leaders, announcements, etc. Delegate writing services to Writer to the Rescue, and save the time and energy of doing it yourself. The Wonder Writer gets your point across in a clear and concise manner, leaving your audience satisfied they fully understand your meaning.


Professional Bios

Professional Bios prepared by Writer to the Rescue are solidly written to match the desired tone, length, and standards set by the client. In casual use, the short biographies can be written with flair and attitude. In professional use, the bios can be written to emphasize education, certification, and proficiency in a particular field. A catchy bio is crucial for public speakers, workshop presenters, and for the ordinary Joe. Individuals need professional bios that “sell” them to their audience. Writer to the Rescue can make that happen.

When posted on your website, professional bios engage visitors and invite them to learn more about you and your brand. That interest can lead to conversion in the form of sales and brand loyalty. Bios are important marketing tools for business owners, employees, organizational leaders, and just about anyone who interacts with the public. Read about Catchy Professional Bios.

Content Marketing

With a background in journalism and marketing, Writer to the Rescue has a keen understanding of the writing craft and the psychology of sales. The Wonder Writer is experienced in content marketing for social media and traditional media.

  • Direct mail marketing campaigns, letters, postcards
  • Radio & YouTube ads
  • Whiteboard scripts
  • More

Contact me today for ghostwriting, professional bios, or marketing content that gets results.