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News Releases

Who reads newspapers anymore? It’s a plain fact that print newspapers have lost traction in the digital age, but millions of people still enjoy holding a newspaper in their hands for a relaxing read. Others prefer to read digital newspapers. Community weeklies, business publications, niche products, and trade magazines also retain a loyal following. After nearly 10 years in journalism, the Wonder Writer at Writer to the Rescue knows how to write an effective news release that gets the attention of publishers and readers. Don’t just write a story, tell a story.

Writer to the Rescue writes press and news releases News releases are a valuable tool:

  • Promote an event: grand opening, ribbon cutting, open house
  • Publicize the charities you support and your generosity
  • Tell about recent honors and awards
  • Announce business openings, acquisitions, new product lines and services
  • Recognize employee hires, promotions, milestones, and retirements
  • Build brand awareness

Save big bucks

Published at no cost, press releases provide the exposure of an ad without the high price tag. They carry the authority of the media outlet that publishes them; it’s not just you blowing your horn, the news outlet is blowing it for you.

Developed on your terms

With press releases, the client controls the content, diminishing worries of inaccuracies that may occur in feature or news articles. By submitting your own photographs with a news release, you further develop brand awareness. Photographs catch the readers’ eye and pique their interest in the article.

Branch out online

Press releases can by repurposed for online posting in the News or Blog section of your website. New releases are social, too, if published as an article on LinkedIn, posted to Facebook, or Tweeted with a link to the article.

Trust an industry professional

Press releases prepared by Writer to the Rescue are solidly written and formatted to industry standards.  Depending upon your topic and event, I can help you determine where it fits best – as a news story, feature article, press release or guest column. In most cases, I’ll save you the hassle of submitting the article and make sure it gets to the appropriate news outlets. Let the professional writer at Writer to the Rescue share your story with the public.