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Ghostwriting for blogs, website content

5 Reasons why you should hire a ghostwriter

Writer to the Rescue is a ghostwriter for blogs, website content, articlesI often hear this comment from clients: “I’m not a writer. Can you help?” That’s when I become their ghostwriter. I take their thoughts and ideas, organize them, and write them down. Ghostwriting is a well-established and well-accepted practice in the age of digital marketing.

Why hire a ghostwriter?

Here are five reasons why you should hire a ghostwriter:

  1. It saves you time. Managing a business requires time and attention, and outsourcing some of the work to a ghostwriter lets you focus on your core business. Businesses have hired marketing professionals for years, and today’s digital marketing material includes website content, blog articles, and social media posts.
  2. You don’t have to be a talented writer. The business owners I write for are great communicators, but they don’t always have confidence in their writing. As a ghostwriter, I am the bridge between ideas and words.
  3. You don’t have to be a techie. Clients rely on Writer to the Rescue to post their blogs, upload their website content, and do other techie work. I work with a “league of superheroes” at Packerland Websites who are digital media professionals helping you get found on the internet.
  4. You have input from start to finish. Before I write for you, we will meet at your business (if possible) and have a long talk. Collaboration helps the content ring true. In my writing, I will try to convey your voice, attitude, and style, so the content is authentically yours. Before posting or distributing, I will send you a draft to review and revise.
  5. No more procrastinating. A key to increasing business revenue is to create a compelling marketing message that addresses your prospects’ needs. Business owners know this, but they don’t always set aside the time for regular follow-through. When you work with a ghostwriter, your blog will get done. Your website content will get done. After years in journalism, I am good at meeting deadlines.

End goal is conversions

The job of a ghostwriter is to engage the audience, convey your brand, and build your authority and expertise in your industry. The end goal is conversions. Contact me to get started as your ghostwriter for articles, press releases, website content, blogs, and marketing materials.

How a health scare changed my perception of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Koehne familyI faced a frightening health scare the week leading up to Mother’s Day, and the relief over what could-have-been made me appreciate the holiday celebration that much more. Both of our kids were home for Mother’s Day weekend. One flew in from Atlanta, and the other made the 5-hour drive from Duluth.

My husband, Bill, and I have been empty-nesters on and off since 2013 when both kids were in college. Our home has become a weekend getaway, and we no longer expect the kids to be home for a lengthy stay. My mothering expertise is mostly shared over the phone.

My nest if full on Mother’s Day

But when both birds flew back in the nest for Mother’s Day weekend, I quickly reverted to Mom-mode again.

  • I baked chocolate chip cookies and made their favorite breakfast.
  • I picked up their wet towels and their dirty dishes.
  • I gave them some money for emergencies.
  • I listened for their laughter.
  • I asked about their love lives.
  • I hugged them tightly.

Adding one more to the nest in 2019

On Saturday, I tried on a dress named in my honor, a Mother of the Bride dress for our daughter’s May 2019 wedding. By next Mother’s Day, I will become Mom to a new son-in-law. That’s the great thing about a mother’s love, it expands and evolves with time. I know I will have plenty of love to give the newest member of our family.

The love I held for our newborn babies has intensified over time, as we shared our lives and our home. Those babies are all grown up now, and the love I feel for them is stronger than ever.

Of all the roles I’ve had in my life, Mom is the most special. I’m so thankful I had good news from my doctor so I could truly enjoy a happy Mother’s Day.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all moms!