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Satisfaction shows in client review


Ghostwriting for blogs, website content

5 Reasons why you should hire a ghostwriter

I often hear this comment from clients: “I’m not a writer. Can you help?” That’s when I become their ghostwriter ...
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How a health scare changed my perception of Mother’s Day

How a health scare changed my perception of Mother’s Day

I faced a frightening health scare the week leading up to Mother’s Day, and the relief over what could-have-been made ...
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Writing professionals and freelancers at Untitled Town

10 Tips for Freelancers: Writing Is A Lucrative Business

At the Untitled Town Book and Author Festival last weekend I gained inspiration from the writing professionals who told their ...
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NWTC student success

From the check-out counter to the research lab

Note: Here's an inspiring story I wrote for Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, where I earned my marketing degree. NWTC student ...
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Wonder Writer action figure

Wonder Writer moniker goes 3D

My husband, Bill, has a reputation for giving me over-the-top presents on holidays, like a full-length floor mirror he secretly ...
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Joan Koehne on birthday

5 Generations Blend on my Birthday

It just so happened that last year, my birthday fell on a day when I had class at NWTC. I guess ...
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Volunteering is good for your career

Top 10 Tips for Succeeding in a New Career

Before jumping ship a year ago to open my own business I was racked with uncertainty about changing my career ...
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Magazine article Top 10 list

Magazine Article Cracks the Top 10 for 2017

I don't run a vacuum truck or operate an excavator but I have other talents, like the talent to write ...
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Times Herald

Career Change: A Year to Remember

I opened the Oconto County Times Herald yesterday to see the top news stories of 2017 and immediately had flashbacks ...
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Notebook showing Writing Mistake

6 Writing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Do-it-yourself writing for websites sounds like an easy process, but it’s fraught with pitfalls. Here are some common writing mistakes ...
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