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Story in American Funeral Director

Is your company effectively telling its story?

Story in American Funeral DirectorI know a great story idea when I hear one. After all, I worked at a newspaper for nearly 10 years. I knew one of my clients had a great story to tell, and I was the one to tell it. I pitched the story of East Coast-native-turned-Wisconsin-mayor to “American Funeral Director,” a trade magazine that reaches over 10,000 funeral professionals in the U.S. The magazine editor was interested in the story from the start. In addition to industry news, the print/online magazine shines the spotlight on funeral directors making a difference in their communities.

Storytelling starts with an interview

I sat down to a bowl of chili at O.J.s Midtown Diner in Gillett to interview James Beaton, Legacy Funeral Chapels funeral director and Gillett mayor. I learned about the twists and turns in life that led James to relocate from New Hampshire to Wisconsin and eventually become mayor of Gillett. After the interview we went to Zippel Park where the fire department was conducting a training exercise. I wanted to snap photos of James in action as mayor.

Story of Gillett Mayor James Beaton Storytelling requires images

Orange cones were set out, and firefighters were taking turns driving the engines through the course. Little did I know, James has a commercial driver’s license, and he maneuvered the course with no trouble. The photo of him giving a thumbs up from the cab of the fire truck was published with the article in “American Funeral Director.” (Red fire engines make great photos!) The article also shows photos I took of James on Main Street in Gillett and at his funeral home in Green Bay. If you’d like to see the article, visit “American Funeral Director.”

The story needs to be shared

Now that the story has reached the eyes of funeral professionals around the U.S., it was time to share the story with the local audience. I returned to Gillett to snap photos of James with city leaders at City Hall. I wrote and distributed a news releases to local media outlets and posted an article to the Legacy Funeral Chapels blog, city website, and Facebook. James’ story is a feel-good account that generated buzz in the community and effectively sets him apart from his competition.

My fingerprints are on every detail of this project, and I count it among my best work. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to tell James’ story.

A good story is the foundation of Content Marketing

What story are you aching to tell the world? Content marketing has its foundation in good storytelling, and Writer to the Rescue is ready to get started. Contact Writer to the Rescue today.